Our Mission


We take the Methodist motto “open hearts, open minds, and open doors” very seriously. When we say all are welcome, we mean all.

Our friendly congregation represents a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, interests, abilities, and opinions which means you’ll feel right at home!

We work together to learn more about God and how we can use what we believe to change our lives and the lives of people in our community. Our three guidelines for everything we do are…

  • Faith – We believe in a loving God who created each person with a future and purpose.
  • Hope – We trust that God wants the best for us and works with us to create better tomorrows.
  • Love – We believe God is love. And God’s greatest gift is sharing that love with us. 

We urge you to visit with us, worship with us, celebrate with us, mourn with us, serve with us, and consider joining us for this adventure called life!